Rafting on the river Noce

Rafting consists in going down a river aboard an inflatable boat on which a group of people sit and direct the race with the paddle.

There are different types of excursions based on the difficulty of the stretch of river you travel along. The easier hikes are also suitable for families.

Try an incredible rafting experience accompanied by an expert guide in one of the best rafting centers in Italy: Ursus Adventures, the best rafting center in Val di Sole with boarding directly on the Noce river and over 10,000sqm of greenery available to guests .

Rafting Family

An incredible adventure within everyone's reach where wild nature will be the setting for an unforgettable experience. The rafting descent starts from Cusiano, in Alta Val di Sole, at the foot of the fascinating Castle of San Michele. After a short theoretical lesson and dry tests, our guides will accompany you in the first section which is characterized by its ease. From here you begin to level up until you reach the rapids of Mezzana, the scene of countless European and world events of kayaking and rafting. After passing these grade IV rapids, you arrive at Piano di Commezzadura where the river returns sweeter and will accompany you through waves and splashes up to Dimaro, after almost 2 hours.

Rafting descent suitable for everyone, even for children from 6 years of age.

Rafting Extreme 

A unique descent, a selection of the best rapids of the river both in the upper and lower stretch of the Noce. Ideal for those who want real adrenaline, extreme fun and full adventure. The rafting descent starts from Pellizzano and includes the upper section of the Noce river up to Dimaro. From here you will be transhipped up to Malè from where you will leave to enjoy the best rapids of the lower section or rapid of the "wooded gorges", rapid of the "millebuchi", rapid of the "Three mountains" and rapid of the "Castle" to then reach Cavizzana where it will end your route after about 16 km.

Rafting descent suitable for adults and children from 14 years.

Rafting Marathon

Rafting Marathon is the longest rafting descent of the Noce river: it includes the entire upper and lower reaches of the Noce river, from Cusiano to Dimaro and then from Monclassico to Ponte Stori. More than 3 hours on the river in an experience that will make you feel alive, immersed in an incredible and uncontaminated environment. 25 km of adrenaline, waves, freshness and fun. All seasoned with the professionalism and friendliness of our rafting guides with international experience.

Rafting descent suitable for adults and children from 14 years. Ideal descent for those who have already done rafting and want to have fun at full speed.

Rafting Exclusive

Rafting Exclusive, a 2-hour descent created specifically in the Covid_19 era. From Ossana to Dimaro for 10 km of adrenaline and fun. In this formula you will be sure to be alone on the boat, with your family (max 4 people) or simply as a couple. You and the rafting guide, nobody else. A unique experience that will make you appreciate the rapids of the river Noce in intimacy and see the Val di Sole from a different perspective.



More than 50 real, exciting and unique outdoor experiences.
The activities proposed by Ursus Adventures take place all year round, even in the cold winter, in nature and in the sometimes wild environment of the Val di Sole, where 50% of the territory is protected and is located within the Stelvio parks. and Adamello-Brenta.

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