Lake Tovel

Lake Tovel is the largest of the natural lakes in Trentino and is one of the naturalistic jewels of the Adamello Brenta Natural Park.

It is located in the northernmost point of the famous Brenta Dolomites.
The color of its waters is unmistakable and have made it famous all over the world. The blue of the water melts 39 meters to emerald green as it approaches the shores. The contrast is even more evident when the water caresses the incredibly white beaches.
Lake Tovel is famous throughout Europe because its waters were tinged with red thanks to the presence of a particular reddish-colored alga.
Today the lake no longer has this characteristic but its transparent waters will enchant you.
The Brenta Dolomites are reflected in the lake, creating spectacular reflections and colors. In every season the lake offers unique shots.

How to get to Lake Tovel by car:
The lake can be reached by car from spring to late autumn. During the winter, the road that reaches the lake is closed.
At the lake there are parking spaces for cars and motorbikes.
To access the lake and therefore the parking, a reservation is required.

To the lake on foot - The "Glare" trail:
The path starts from the locality of Capriolo, where you will find a parking lot and the restaurant of the same name. The route (about 5 km outward and the same number back) develops in its initial stretch in the woods, among pines and firs, and then exits onto the stony ground of the Glare, born from a large landslide that broke off the overhanging walls. The path finally ends next to a stream.

The tour of Lake Tovel:
A flat path suitable for everyone runs along the lake.
A small section of the walk is characterized by some steps in the rock. In this section it is not possible to travel with the stroller.
The white beaches allow you a regenerating break and for the more adventurous even a nice dip in the fresh and crystalline waters of the lake.
The complete tour of the lake lasts about an hour and a half.

The ephemeral lakes of the Tovel valley:
These are small pools of water that appear in the large stony ground downstream of Lake Tovel. These lakes are formed in spring thanks to the thawing of the snow at high altitude. The water that descends from the slopes of the surrounding mountains fills the hollows of the stony ground of the valley, incorporating the existing vegetation. You will be able to see these ephemeral lakes by following the Glare path starting from the locality of Capriolo. The peculiarity of these lakes is that they can only be seen for a limited period of time. The best time to enjoy this wonder is the end of May. During the summer, the lakes shrink more and more until they disappear. The color of these lakes will not be easily forgotten.

Finally, from Lake Tovel there are various paths that lead you to get to know the Brenta Dolomites and its malghe. These are excursions that require a full day.

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