In Val di Non you can always try different paths, with different difficulties.

Trekking is not always easy. They are sometimes long, steep walks, but they are always worth it. The glimpses of the Maddalene or the Brenta Dolomites will enchant you.
We can recommend our favorite walks, but there are many.

Mid-mountain hiking.

  • Tour of Mount Peller: Easy excursion around the top of Mount Peller in the northernmost part of the Brenta Dolomites. In the vast prairies of Pian della Nana you can observe a rich alpine flora, with some of the most valuable flowering in the Southern Alps. Pian della Nana is also famous for the presence of many animals, first of all the marmots..


  • Ring walk with ascent to Corno di Tres: An easy route on the splendid mountain ridge that divides the Val d'Adige from the Val di Non, arriving at the top, where a 360 ° panorama opens up over the two valleys. This itinerary, which runs along a stretch of the famous "Sentiero Italia", crossing open woods in continuous ups and downs, ensures a spectacular panorama along the way ... until reaching the top, where a 360 ° panorama opens up over the two valleys.


  • From Fondo to the Tret waterfall: A comfortable excursion which, through the woods, offers spectacular views. This excursion allows you to overlook one of the widest canyons in the valley, the "del Mondino" canyon, and to reach its base where you can admire the lovely Tret waterfall..


  • Ring walk of the Malghe della Predaia. A nice circular route with little altitude difference that connects the Predaia huts to the Roccia Larga viewpoint, a large cantilevered balcony over the Val d'Adige and the Dolomites. This itinerary starts from the Predaia Refuge and touches the Rodeza hut and the Coredo hut. It winds in a ring and at the highest point it reaches the large panoramic point of Roccia Larga, a balcony on top of the rock wall overlooking the Val d'Adige and overlooking Lake Caldaro, the city of Bolzano, the Fassa Dolomites , the Brenta Dolomites and the whole Maddalene group between Val di Non and Val d'Ultimo..

High altitude trekking.

  • From Lake Tovel to Malga Flavona: A very rewarding excursion, suitable for taking it easy for a whole day, even with children. The itinerary touches some of the most spectacular places in the Brenta Dolomites: the famous Lake Tovel and the spectacular Val Flavona with its hut, the green pastures dotted in some places with prehistoric fossils.
    From Lake Tovel to Malga Pozzol, the route mostly takes place on a forest road along the valley of the Tresenica stream. From Malga Pozzol the climb becomes steeper and soon you find yourself in the magnificent larch forest and then in the vast meadows that open towards the Malga Flavona.
  • The tour of the malghe above Lake Tovel: Long hike but with a well spread difference in height that leads to the spectacular Campo Flavona and unusual perspectives on the famous Lake Tovel. The proposed route runs entirely on SAT trails whose signage is more than reliable. From the spectacular Lago di Tovel you gradually rise to the huge amphitheater of Campo Flavona with the homonymous mountain hut. Then take the path that cuts with gentle ups and downs the ridges of the Peaks Val Scura and Val Strangola with glimpses from above on Lake Tovel. Arrived at the Termoncello Pass, go down the steep path that leads back to the lake passing through the Rislà waterfall.
  • Cima Nana from Malga Tassulla: Ascent to Cima Nana with a spectacular 360 ° view of the Dolomites (Il Sasso Rosso and many others). The long Valle della Nana that runs from Malga Tassulla to the top of Sasso Rosso is the setting for this moderately demanding tour that allows you to reach the panoramic Nana peak. The route does not present particular difficulties and winds on the right of the valley following the path Sat 336.
  • Ring walk of the alpine huts in the Maddalene group: One of the most popular routes in every season. The ring touches four mountain huts and has very gentle slopes. There is no shortage of panoramic views of the wild Maddalene group and the warm welcome for a greedy break in the hut. Wonderful excursion in the heart of the Maddalene Group without any technical difficulty. All the mountain huts you meet along this route deserve a stop for the warm welcome and excellent cuisine they offer, even on winter weekends.


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