Quattro Ville In Fiore - April 2023

The Quattro Ville in Fiore is a non-competitive march in which everyone can participate, whether they are adults, sportsmen or children.

It is an opportunity to stroll among romantic castles such as Castel Valer and Castel Nanno, small churches and characteristic villages with the magic of apple trees in the background.
The actual march will start in the morning starting at 9.30 from Tassullo, a few meters from our farmhouse.
What better time to propose a run that runs through the countryside of the valley following ancient mule tracks and mountain paths?
What makes the Quattro Ville in Fiore unique and appreciated is its "slow" nature that invites participants to walk 5 or 11 km without haste but rather pausing to enjoy a cultural break.

For registration and information, visit the website Quattro Ville in Fiore.


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